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The FIND A JOB guide is the FIRST guide drafted in TWO languages (English and French) which deals in detail with employment in Luxembourg. It contains practical and concrete information on the local labour market and sought-after profiles in financial, legal, research, health, ICT, teaching, public and industrial sectors. It is mainly intended for young foreign graduates and newcomers looking for a first job in Luxembourg. The FIND A JOB guide provides a brief introduction to the country and helps foreign residents organise their job search in a rapid and effective way. It contains 16 chapters: 1. INTRODUCTION 2. AN OVERVIEW OF THE COUNTRY 3. FIRST WORDS IN LUXEMBOURGISH 4. WHY LUXEMBOURG? 5. LABOUR MARKET 6. WORKING IN LUXEMBOURG 7. TAXES AND SOCIAL SECURITY 8. EMPLOYMENT AND SALARIES 9. STEPS FOR FINDING A JOB 10. EMPLOYMENT SECTORS 11. START YOUR OWN BUSINESS 12. EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS 13. EMPLOYEESʼ RIGHTS 14. LEARNING LANGUAGES 15. IMPROVE YOUR QUALIFICATIONS 16. THE LARGEST EMPLOYERS

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Author Zvereva Natalia
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