Webster Ed

The Photopoet: Ed Webster was born in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) on August 15, 1962. While Ed keeps on searching the horizon, he loves to hide behind the lines, as ghost writers do. Ed Webster turns out to be an artist who provides writing and seeing with a philosophical touch. 

His Photo-Painting Poetry Project is an essay on telling the story of things exposed to a different light, sharing poetic views suspended in fading memories. Materializing illusions, Ed Webster’s work is about visualizing poetry and poetizing visions including anything that lies in between. In his diverse, both anecdotic and conceptual work, Ed Webster shows the fleeting beauty of real things by creating artefacts and poetic sculptures giving an answer to the question “What’s left, when we’re gone?”

The work: Artbooks – Poetic Views (photographs) – Photo-Poetic Essays (videos) – Art Workshops.

Torn between utopia and death, the poet, like a happy Sisyphus devoted to his absurd and mythical passion, fulfils his duty of explorer of the unexplorable, carving words which materialise through photo-poetic scenes with each turn of a page. Drifting into the turmoil of his own rebellion, the author accumulates volatile images that spin dreams, just like the words that intertwine them to defy nothingness. While the absurd can leave no one indifferent, love stands as a bulwark before getting swept away by the wind. Haunted by Albert Camus’ genius which imparts a philosophical dimension and existential depth to this collection of dreamy poems and pictures, “THE TAMING SHROUD” by Ed Webster is an attempt to pay tribute to this acclaimed French author.

Sprooch Englesch - GB
Auteur Webster Ed
Kategorie Literatur - Lyrik
Sujet Personnes - Albert Camus
Parution 2016
Medium Buch
Editeur Artichocs Editions