Littérature - Jeunesse

WOOOW!!! LUXEMBOURG – Charlotte and Mister Owl’s great adventure is a new children’s book about Luxembourg in four in four language editions, with beautiful illustrations by Keong-A Song. / Thomas Schoos has invented a lovely and exciting story for young readers. Alongside Charlotte and her best friend Mister Owl, they will, during their expedition, experience unforgettable adventures and discover the beautiful and diverse country of Luxembourg, plunge into its culture and history, explore its fascinating spots and trace its legends and traditions. / Even the most curious ones get their money’s worth. On every stage of the story, worth-knowing facts and anecdotes await them. / With loving attention to detail, the illustrator has given the book her individual touch and contributed to the captivating atmosphere which puts the readers in constant discovery, their joy of reading growing at every page.

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Auteurs Schoos Thomas Song Keong-A
Editeur Editions Guy Binsfeld
Site internet
Thème Littérature
Sous-thème Jeunesse
Langue Anglais - GB
Support Livre
Format240 x 285 mm
Volume64 pages
ISBN 139789995942267
Livre23.30 € ( 24.00 €)
Edition1ère édition
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